Community Garden

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Green thumb update!

On January 20th, we hosted the FAU Community Garden Ribbon Cutting, which was a wonderful celebration to open the garden and a great opportunity to bring together all of the campus and community partners who are committed to the success of this endeavor.  FAU’s President Saunders and Karen Swedenborg from Boca Helping Hands both planted seedlings in the garden, and Mission Green Student Association planted a commemorative mango tree, which were neat ways to mark the occasion – see pictures above.  It was also a special moment for Jheanelle, our Coordinator, who started the plans for a FAU Community Garden two years ago when she was an AmeriCorps*VISTA member in our office. 

After the Ribbon Cutting, we were all super excited to get some seeds in the ground and get the garden growing! So, last Friday at our first Community Gardener’s meeting it was so exciting to finally meet all of the gardeners and see the wonderful enthusiasm for the program 🙂  We got some great planning done, from deciding what type of irrigation system to build (we’re using the Boca Community Garden as a model) to planning a donation schedule for Boca Helping Hands.  And, we’ve even got some neat events planned for upcoming months like a gardeners’ potluck (yum!).  After the logistics and welcome we heard from Farmer Jay and learned some neat tips for organic gardening and how to garden with all five senses.

Top three tips from Farmer Jay:
1. To get a feel for how much water the garden beds need: squeeze a fistful of soil then loosen your hand – soil should retain its shape, but should crumble with pressure
2. Learn to make compost tea, it’s a great natural fertilizer
3. 50% of gardening is art.

Signing out, with wishes of flourishing gardens soon!


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