Relay for Life at FAU

Relay for Life at FAU has grown into an event that students and staff look forward to every year. As the Event chair, I am proud to say that we are growing rapidly and everyone is so excited about the event this year. Our event, in case you didn’t know, is March 23, 2012 at the FAU Track and Field on the Boca Raton Campus. Opening Ceremony is at 5:00pm. Our theme is “Many Cultures, One Cause” to go along with how diverse the FAU population is. Each Relay team is choosing a country to represent at Relay. It will be a fun filled night. Want to help out?

If you are reading this RIGHT NOW.. come out to Chili’s on St. Andrew’s Blvd in Boca Raton and have dinner, 10% of your check will go to the Relay for Life at FAU!

Want to form a team? login to and sign up! There is $100 registration fee, but don’t fret, if you are a student org, we can give you an invoice. If not, get 10 of your closest friends and have everyone chip in $10.

Relay for Life is all about Celebrating those who have survived, Remembering those we have lost, and FIGHTING BACK AGAINST CANCER to create a world with more birthdays.

The Relay for Life at FAU  will offer the unique opportunity to participate first-hand in a landmark new study, the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3).The American Cancer Society will be enrolling people into CPS-3, a long-term study that will help researchers better identify the lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors that cause or prevent cancer.

Thanks for reading!



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