Chopping Hair for a Good Cause

Loving Humanity with Locks of Hair is a prime example of how great things can be achieved when like minds work together to accomplish a common goal. On Wednesday, February 29, 2012, the collaborative efforts of Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement (SAVI), the Weppner Center for Civic Engagement and Service, New Era for Her Salon, and 15 donors consisting of FAU students, faculty, and staff; allowed for many lives to be affected. 

SAVI and the Weppner Center took on the task of coordinating this event while stylists from New Era volunteered their time and expertise.  All hair donations at the event will be given to Pantene Beautiful Lengths where the locks of hair will be transformed into elegant wigs for women who have lost their own hair to cancer. One of the donors, a professor at Florida Atlantic University, expressed her gratitude as such, “Thank you for a lovely gift. Your effort in organizing this event is a big gift to the community including me.”

At the end of the day, everybody wins: the donors received a professionally styled hair cut, women touched by cancer are promised a brand new head of hair, and everybody involved can be assured that their efforts have made a difference in the community. Hopefully the little contribution that Loving Humanity has made in the fight against cancer will inspire others to evoke change in their own communities.

– Kristy L., SAVI Associate Director


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