SAVI Service Saturday w/Tomorrow’s Rainbow

When I set out to plan my first Service Saturday as Director of SAVI I never thought it would be as impactful as it turned out to be. We had a great turn out of students actively participating in the service project. Some students washed cars, others collected donations and others advertised with posters and brochures for more people to come to the car wash. It was amazing to see the team work of the students coming together, dividing the work, and helping each other. The students enjoyed what they were doing and were glad to help. In total, we raised $288!

          After the car wash we took a tour of the Tomorrow’s Rainbow farm, and the students got to see what exactly they were raising the money for. Tomorrow’s Rainbow provides a kind of unique therapy for children with real life play areas where they can remember a loved one that has passed away and tell their story through their actions. We raised money in order for them to build a medical play area for the children to help them cope with that loss in their lives. It was an amazing experience to see the animals and the play areas where everything comes alive. I was pleased with the service project as the students were too. “This was meaningful” one student commented while reflecting on the day. It truly was exactly that.  

-Lisandra Jimenez, SAVI Director