Kindness Week at the FAU MacArthur (Jupiter) Campus

Kindness Week featured a different event each day to promote peace and giving on the MacArthur Campus. The events included a peanut butter & jelly relay race, paper crane making, graffiti art, random acts of kindness tree, and our annual human peace sign picture.  The peanut butter & jelly relay race was a timed competition between two teams to see to make 40 sandwiches;, these sandwiches were donated to Quantum House of Palm Beach County  Paper cranes, within the Japanese culture, are thought to bring good luck, so students were encouraged to made multi-colored paper cranes, which will be displayed in the student resources building as a reminder. This year’s graffiti art was centered on the social justice issue of diversity; students designed and painted canvases depicting their thoughts about diversity. The random acts of kindness tree was placed in the Burrow Student Union. Students selected a lollipop and an act of kindness with the promise of ‘paying it forward’ that day. Finally, on Friday, a group of students came together to form a peace sign on the recreation fields for this traditional, well-loved event.. Kindness Week on the MacArthur campus was full of fun activities, promoting a wonderful sense of caring and giving amongst all of the faculty and students.

– Allison Waldmann
Students Advocating Volunteer Involvement Associate Director
MacArthur Campus Student Government
Florida Atlantic University

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